LP, which is preparing to redevelop a mile-and-a-half stretch of land along the Allegheny River, has hired Texas-based as the design firm to establish a master plan for the former Azcon Metals property.

Overland, named by Architect Magazine as one of the Top 50 Design firms for 2015, has developed a practice that has resulted in projects and planning work that has included everything from university buildings ( including one at Penn State University), a resort in Mexico, churches and cultural centers as well as the Texas headquarters of Clear Channel.

Beyond the breadth of the firm’s work, the joint venture partners of Riverfront 47, which includes The Mosites Company and Allegheny Development Partners lead by Aspinwall residents Susan and Currie Crookston, are eager to work with a firm they say has strong experience with sustainable approaches and planning.

, principal of The Mosites Co., said he first became familiar with Overland because of work the firm did on the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden in Oakdale.

“They do awesome work,” said Mosites. “From a master planning standpoint, I just thought they would be great. They’ve been doing sustainable architecture since the early 1990s. Some of the stuff they brought to the table is really ingenious.”

Overland Partners joins downtown-based Environmental Planning & Design, a firm that designed the Aspinwall riverfront park spearheaded by Susan Crookston that helped to first motivate her and her husband to buy the neighboring 47 acres that operated for generations as a scrapyard.

Crookston said Environmental Planning & Design, which also has done design and urban planning work that includes the South Shore Riverfront Park at the South Side Works along with many others in the region, will also work with Overland. She said the two firms will work toward the goal of having “the green space seamlessly flow together” through the 47-acre site, which extends from Sharpsburg, through Aspinwall and into parts of O’Hara Township.

(source: www.bizjournals.com)