The R47 property stretches across 3 municipalities:  Aspinwall, Sharpsburg and O’Hara.  Prior to securing the property, the R47 team worked with Sharpsburg, O’Hara and Aspinwall to come up with an agreement to work together to ensure that the development has common design standards and processes, and to ensure that no community is unfairly burdened.

R47plans to work with Rapid Flow, a recent spinoff from Carnegie Mellon, to help evaluate ways to make traffic flow more smoothly throughout the Freeport Road corridor or direct traffic on to 28 North for the Waterworks.  Additionally, road-surface changes and additional traffic slowing measures will be explored.    The access drive to R47 is designed to feel like a neighborhood street.  It curving entrance and smaller street width will encourage drivers to drive slowly and discourage through traffic.  An entrance to the development already exists in Sharpsburg.  This entrance will be more convenient for most drivers as the road will not be slow and winding and they do not need to contend with a railroad crossing at this location.

We are working hard to obtain a third access point to help mitigate traffic on the local streets in Aspinwall and Sharpsburg.