What does the regional community gain?

  • Thoughtful riverfront development from a world-class team
  • A significant increase in tax revenue.  New investment in housing and other neighborhood oriented uses will provide substantial increases in tax revenue to the boroughs for years to come, taking the burden off of existing taxpayers.
  • Acres of beautiful park space along the river
  • Access to an additional riverfront trail that will eventually enable people to commute downtown, reducing traffic
  • Many studies across the country have documented that being closer to quality green space and trails increases property values

How does Aspinwall Riverfront Park benefit?

Aspinwall Riverfront Park’s mission is “to be a community treasure and catalyst for the trail system.”  R47’s proposed transformation of the scrapyard presents an unprecedented opportunity to make the Park:

  • Safer – Right now, it’s hard for visitors to determine where they should turn to enter the Park.  The visibility for an entrance on Brilliant Avenue is obstructed by a train trestle.  A new riverfront neighborhood next to the Park will bring more visitors to the Park, which will make it safer.
  • More beautiful – Currently, visitors enter the Park through a municipal works facility with its salt shed, refuse storage and heavy equipment parking. With a new entrance, shared parking with the new development would free up space for a green lawn connecting both sides of the Park.
  • Expands Park amenities – The Park gains nearly two acres of beautiful riverfront land, an additional acre of green space and access to a future 1.5-mile trail toward the City.